The SA Production Process



Go big or go home


Like most big ideas, the beginning may seem small and insignificant. But, we believe in a collaboration of minds, and building upon the ideas we come up with. You know, a little brain-y elbow grease. Once we have a plan, we map it out and make it happen. We’re the team that believes in following through on our concepts. In the end, what began as a seed has grown into a full-blown strategy ready for filming.



It takes a village


With the vision in mind, our team sets out to make it so. The best talent is found. The vision is prepped down to the smallest detail. We live by your brand, and the same dedicated team who collaborated on your project will also manage, film, edit and produce your final product. Everything comes together, with enough flexibility to take new ideas onset and give them a spin.



Bring it to life


Our in-house editing suite contains all the tools we need to bring the footage to fruition. It’s not our first time around the block. We follow up on our work to make sure your brand receives a positive response. We’re here from start to finish. See for yourself the work we’ve done for our awesome clients.