Andrew Sleight


Andrew graduated from the State University of New York, with a degree in Psychology, but his freshman year at the University of Kansas made him a lifelong Jayhawk. Thanks to an absurdly low draft number, he volunteered in 1971 to defend America’s skies at a Nike Hercules missile battery. Consequently, he is one of the few agency CEOs in the U.S. with nuclear weapons experience. After returning to civilian life, he began a career in promotion and sales with several Fortune 500 companies, including Warner Brothers, Bristol Myers and Guidant Corp.. Following years of tough negotiation with Iris, he finally acquiesced and joined the agency in 2000.

Jeff Armstrong

Creative Director

Jeff graduated from Northwest Missouri State University, where he obtained a BS in Broadcasting and Theatre. In addition, he has a Masters in Education. Jeff started out his career as a Graphic Designer in St. Joseph, and eventually landed his dream job at a video production company in Kansas City. Now he is here at Sleight as our Associate Creative Director, seeing projects through from concept to conception. When he’s not working, he can’t stop talking about music, whether it be his vinyl collection, concerts or music memorabilia.

Stephanie Agustin

Web & Graphic Designer

Stephanie graduated from the Creative Center Art College in Omaha, with her BFA in Graphic Design in 2010. Before joining Sleight Advertising, Stephanie worked at the AIM Institute, a non-profit devoted to promoting IT in the Midwest, as their Graphic Designer. With her ambitious attitude towards design and work, she devotes herself to beautiful, yet functional design. She believes in continual learning, and that evolving makes for a better designer, a better employee and an all-around better person. Stephanie and her husband Ryan have 3 lovely dogs, 2 pigeons, and a wild toddler.

Danny Thompson

Production Manager

Danny graduated from Northwest Missouri State University, where he earned his Bachelors in Broadcasting. He joined the Sleight Advertising team as an intern and quickly became SA’s Production Specialist. Previously, he worked predominately as a freelancer with an advertising agency in Kansas City. His professional passion lies with the story; he is always looking for new ways to utilize imagery to tell a story, and in turn, perfect his craft. Some would call him a Batman enthusiast, but he openly admits that “geek” may be a more accurate term.

Kristan Admins

Copywriter & Producer

Kristen is a Kansas City native and joins the Sleight team with over six years of digital marketing experience. She obtained a Journalism degree from the University of Kansas, with an emphasis in Strategic Communication. Her first job out of college was a PPC Buyer at an ad agency for three years, then she moved agencies and transitioned into the social media side of marketing for another three years. Social marketing is her passion and is she eager to help Sleight clients grow their business through social media. When she’s not posting or tweeting away, she loves going to concerts or traveling to new places.